All of Delush Polishes are hand blended and hand poured individually. With any handcrafted product, slight variances may occur and is part of the process.

For those of you who are not familiar with "indie" glitter polishes, I've put together some quick tips and tricks for general application:

1. You may notice some particle/glitter settlement (which is completely normal). Simply shake well before use.

2. Most glitter polishes will dry with a bumpy surface texture (due to the manner in which glitter particles layer on top of one another). To smooth out any bumpy surfaces use your favourite top coat (1-2 coats until you are satisfied).

3. Using a base and top coat will help extend your polish's wear time.

4. Over time polishes may start to separate or thicken, this can be easily fixed by simply using Nail Polish Thinner (can find it at your local drugstore or beauty supply shop). Add a few drops of thinner and shake well, repeat this process until you reach the desirable consistency. (Nail polish remover is not the same as nail polish thinner, remover or acetone will breakdown and ruin your polish as opposed to adjusting the consistency.)

Removing any glitter nail polish can be quite the chore, there are several ways you can remove these types of polishes, below are a few links to help:

Foil Removal Method
The Easiest-Ever Way To Kiss Glitter Polish Goodbye (Video)